The wine

The wine

PERSEO&MEDUSA is a limited-edition wine. There are only 300 two-bottle boxes in the world. Once they run out, there will be no other bottles of this same wine ever again. This super-niche wine made from the Ansonica vine variety results from what’s known as heroic viticulture. It’s produced exclusively through manual procedures, according to the ancient local tradition. Winegrowing has been practised here on Giglio Island since the dawn of time, and it’s a fine example of heroic viticulture. Viticulture is heroic when the vineyards can’t be accessed by mechanical equipment. The entire process – from the vine to the bottle – is exclusively manual. This means that here, winemakers have to go up and down these steep slopes that drop into the Mediterranean.

Perseo&Medusa, la vendemmia

La vendemmia

Vendemmia eroica all'isola del Giglio

Vendemmia eroica



Il trasporto dell'uva


An unrepeatable wine: only 300 two-bottle boxes

Perseo&Medusa is a limited-edition wine. There are only 300 two-bottle boxes in the world. Once they run out, there will be no other bottles of this same wine ever again. The cap is made from an environmentally friendly material (no carbon footprint), which prevents any product alteration.


This is a wine like no other and cannot be repeated or replicated. It’s produced in a run of 300 boxes. Once those run out, no other bottle of this same wine will be ever made again. These precious 300 boxes contain two bottles, one is the collectable (“Investment Bottle”), and the other is for drinking (“Drink Bottle”). I believe that wine is meant to stir emotions. That’s why Perseo&Medusa deserves to be enjoyed while sealing a unique, unrepeatable moment that fully captures the passion with which this extraordinary wine was made.

The packaging

The “Drink Bottle” comes with a fine handcrafted upper arm bracelet bearing the number and year of the bottle, making it just as unique and unrepeatable. Just remove it from the bottle and wear it. Perseo&Medusa is a fine gift with a dual meaning. On the one hand, it stirs emotions; on the other, it includes a high-value collectable (the “Investment Bottle”).

Investment funds

This wine is truly unique for both the way it’s made and its characteristics. Only 300 two-bottle boxes, no exceptions and no additions. This makes it perfect for being included in investment funds to diversify the assets. A part of these unique 300 boxes is reserved for this channel while the other part is for private investors and collectors. This innovative vision brings together two opposite worlds: finance and long-standing traditions. And this encounter expresses Italian design, creativity, style, passion and quality at its best. A complex, contemporary universe whose essence lies in nature and respect for traditions and the past while keeping an eye on the future. This is what makes Italy so inimitable, irreplaceable, and successful. And this is what makes Perseo&Medusa the most expensive wine ever to be launched on the market.

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